Monday, August 15, 2011

Senior in need

Amazing how neighbors in Florida and many other places behave. An old lady of “Christian faith,” falls down on her front lawn, she had left her emergency devise in the house. Unable to get up, crawling towards her house, screaming for help, yet no one hears her. Fort Smith Avenue in Deltona, Fla. has cars driving by, yet no one notices the woman on the floor. Spending almost 13 hrs on the ground, she spent the entire night on the ground outside her front lawn unable to get up. Bugs, mosquitoes, and ants are attacking her. Finally, in the morning, her neighbor is about to go out to her car when she notices the old helpless woman on the floor. Together with her husband the neighbor help the old woman and take her inside the house. My husband Marco is called to go watch over her, at 7:15 a.m. Marco is not even related to the woman and we live a block and a half around the corner. The woman’s children are called, and finally her grandchildren appear. Marco came home, he could not wait for her children to arrive for it was late in the morning. 11:00 a.m. and Marco again s called to go take care of the woman because her grandchildren have a plane to catch. Her son is not yet there and Marco was asked to care for her until the son arrives.
Many Seniors live alone, have gone through this or similar incidents. The neighbors do not take the time to check on them. I know it is none of their business or responsibility, but a little help from a neighbor can some times be appreciated, for you never know when it will happen to you.
I know the feeling, it happened to me. I was in my garden planting seeds. All of a sudden I tripped, I felt the same horror when I fell down in JCPennys, and other times. I grabbed the first thing I could, a small branch from a small tree, but I seemed to go down slowly, as if some one was holding me, I slowly fell against my fence and landed on soft ground. Amazingly the dirt did not scratch me, and I felt as if the plants were cushioning my fall. as I landed on top of them too. I scream, calling Marco, but he had gone bike riding without my knowledge. I knew no one could either hear me or see me, I was between all the plants on the fence and garden. Besides neighbor around where I live, are never around or look out for each other. My neighbor Chris was working, and the Christian neighbors, many of them are neighbors, never take the time to even say “Hello.” I wanted to cry, because it felt like a dejavou, for a moment there I felt helpless. I could not get up, because I have a bad knee and my legs sometimes do not let me walk because of my herniated disc.
I sat down for a minute, and said, “Ruthy, you are not helpless, you will get up, there is no one to help you now but you and your guardians.” I summoned God, Goddess and my guardians, all of a sudden I looked at the fence, grabbing and holding to it, I was able to get up. I waited a second to catch my breath and slowly made it to the house. Thank God all I had was a small bruise, for my friends the plants, trees, and earth did not let me get hurt. Hours later Marco came home and I just wanted to kill him for leaving me alone and not telling me he was going out or where. Marco felt very guilty about leaving me alone, but I told him it was OK, for I had my friends here with me and they protected me from getting hurt. What is going to happen cannot be avoided.
I know how that lady felt when she fell down, It is a scary feeling to feel hurt and alone, but it hurts more when neighbors do not take the time to look out, and when your family neglects you. Take some time to look around, help your neighbors and do not neglect your parents. Remember everyone gets old, and you can experience the same or worse.